How It Works

Couch Potato Delivery is a restaurant delivery service based in Montgomery, Ala. Our primary goal is to provide delivery for restaurants in the area that don’t deliver, but we also provide grocery shopping and delivery service, flower delivery, courier service and much more. We will deliver pretty much anything we can squeeze into our vehicle.

Our service is a new concept for Montgomery, but it is a business that Couch Potato Delivery’s founder has worked in for years. We are pleased to now be able to bring this service to the Montgomery community.

Couch Potato Delivery is now serving east, midtown and downtown Montgomery.    couch potato new logo resized

Couch Potato Delivery allows you to get the food you actually want to eat delivered directly to your home or business.  The service is ideal for those of you who don’t have the time or patience to fight the traffic during your lunch hour. We can deliver to offices, retail stores, plants and factories.

Our service is perfect for the home bound, those without cars and the busy mom who doesn’t have time to make dinner.

Delivery starts at $5 and goes up based on location, selection of restaurant, price of order and complexity of order.

How it works:

  • Simply call 334-318-9933.
  • Give us your name, phone number and address.
  • Then tell us what food you would like delivered and from where.
  • In about 45 minutes to an hour (or less), your food will be at your doorstep.

You then owe us the cost of your meal plus the delivery fee.

It is that easy.

Please remember: We can’t accept bills over $20. 


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

You must place your food order with us and not the restaurant. This is essential so we can pick up your order right when it’s ready.

If there is a problem with your order, you must call us within 10 minutes of delivery. No refunds will be given, but we will confer with the restaurant about the mistake.

Couch Potato Delivery is not responsible if the order we took from you is the same as the restaurant receipt. We read your order back to you so you could verify that it is correct.

If the restaurant gave you the wrong order, we will verify with the restaurant and then bring the correct order to you. You must return the food that was previously delivered to you. You could be charged for both orders if your order was correct upon inspection.

Sorry but we aren’t responsible if the modifications you wanted made to a food item aren’t correct. We will give your food order to the restaurant the way you requested , but we simply aren’t able to inspect your food close enough to insure they were made.